Puberty: A part of child development


A child undergoes a lot of physical, mental and psychological changes once he starts growing up. A point comes when he hits, what we call, the pubic age. Puberty is generally attained at around 13-15 years. However, these days, modern day kids are reaching puberty at an earlier age. Call it extreme technological exposure or whatever, but most kids of modern era are reaching puberty well before they turn 14. Some are even hitting puberty in their pre-teen stages. At this stage of life, the child goes through behavioral problems and hormonal changes including biological changes. As a parent, you need to understand the natural process and support the child.

Some information about child development: Expert opinion


Parenting is a tough task and one which is filled with surprises. If your child is growing up, then you will get to see new facets of him now and again. The process of child development is a complex thing which can vary from child to child. This is true in both the physical and mental aspects. Physically, a child may be bulkier and taller than children of his or her age. Mentally too, there are lots of complexities as different kids gain maturity or understanding at different ages. Puberty is another interesting and unpredictable case with some kids attaining it even before they hit the teens.

How to maintain a healthy relationship with a teenage child


It can be excruciatingly difficult, at times, to control a teenage child. At this age, the child’s mood can swing like a pendulum. There is lot of peer pressure, pressure of school work and pressure of the general society. Besides, this is a time when the child is developing his own identity. He can show frequent bouts of anger when things are not going according to his desires; he may even throw tantrums; and can even start arguing a point with his parents whom he has been unquestioningly obeying till now. It is your job, during such times, to understand his needs, to shower love and to show support even when he fails to win a match or fails to secure a good grade.

Things to consider while applying for a child care job


If you are planning to apply for a child care job, then there are a few things which you need to consider. Firstly, you have got to be absolutely sure that you can handle this job. It is important to have a sense of determination as young children can be mischievous and some may be quite non-obedient or restless. Also, you must ask yourself whether you love kids or not. If you find kids a sort of menace or headache, then this job is not suitable for you it will stress you out in just a few days. So, think before you leap!

Are you having a baby after 40: Parenting advice!


If you are over 40 or pushing 50 and planning a baby, then experts suggest that you be extra careful and protective about your general health. Women who are close to or above 40 are more susceptible during pregnancy to ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure. Besides, they are more likely to experience cases of premature birth, stillbirth etc. Planning a baby at the later stage of life is not undesirable. But make sure that you are in constant touch with a top-class physician and health care expert. Your diet and weight will play a crucial role in deciding whether you have a normal & safe delivery or not.

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